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how to preserve spleen cells for long duration, for flowcytometry - (Oct/07/2012 )

Is there any way to preserve spleen cells frm mice for few days longer to be analysed in flowcytometry later. Say 2 days maybe. Does it affect the viability of cells? . And whats the suggested amount of cell numbers needed for cell antibody staining work using flowcyto. ?

I use complete RPMI 1690 (with FBS and streptomycin ) as medium.


You can keep the cells in -20C in ethanol for a long time. You don't have to worry about the cells viability at this point.


I have kept cells in R8 (RPMI+8% FBS) for a couple of days in the fridge and still stained them. There is going to be a loss of viability and it is always recommended to do FACS on the cells as soon as you can, once you get the organ out. But it is still possible. In our lab we use 1x10e6 cells per FACS tube but you can work with any number. You just have to have it constant between all the tubes and vary the antibody concentrations you use, to suit the number of cells you have.