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solubility of adenine - (Oct/02/2012 )

I have trouble in dissolving adenine to make a stock solution ! Is it not soluble in water ?


Roughly speaking, the answer is that it is barely soluble. Adenine is soluble at 20 mg/ml in 1 M HCl, or the hydrochloride is similarly soluble.


I also face the same problem. I did dissolved in 0.5M HCL, it dissolved in the beginning. However when I aliquoted and froze them in -20C, it precipitates. 


according to the merck index (9th edition), adenine is soluble to 1 gm in 2000 ml water, 40 ml boiling water; the hydrochloride hemihydrate is soluble to 1 gm in 42 ml water.

when you reduce the temperature it will become less soluble. it should redissolve when you warm it back to room temperature or above (it may require some vigorous mixing).