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Different amount of oligonucleotide - (Sep/27/2012 )

Dear all,
I'm going to transfect oligonucleotides to 293T cell with lipofectamine 2000. And I need to transfect different amount of oligonucleotides. But if I'm increasing concentration of my oliges then I must increase the amount of lipofectamine to maintain same level of transfection. But lipofectamine is cytotoxic and it can alter cell behaviour. I couldn't find any information in internet (even in articles).
How people solve that problem(in common practice)? Maybe they use some ''inactive'' universal plasmids or oliges to maintain general amount of nucleic acids?

Thanks for help!



It is as you said -people usually make up the lower content with "filler" DNA - you could try a scrambled version of your oligos but you would need to test it for effects on the cells.