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Phosphoiesterase II Use and Safety - (Sep/24/2012 )


I am starting a protocol using phosphodiesterase II from bovine. i've never used it before and am looking for some tips for handling and aliquoting out the mixture. The MSDS says its relatively harmful and to be careful. I'm looking for a little more info on the safety aspects of it. Also, the protocol is calling for a tiny amount to be used ~.004 units. The lyophilized powder I'm using is supposedly 5 units per mg. Any good tips on using aliquoting it and what concentrations to store it at? Any info would be great.


Standard usage of the enzyme will be fine - for the MSDS have a look at the dose per body weight and the delivery method. It'll probably say something in the order of mg/kg for an LD50 and you would have to eat it, or get it directly into the blood before it was a problem.

You say you have 5 U/mg, but how many mg total do you have? You will probably want to make it a convenient dilution - check out the datasheet for advice on re-suspension.

Storage at -20 or -80 should be fine (note I havn't actually used phosphodiesterase - just general enzyme advice here). You could probably add some glycerol to prevent freezing if you wish.