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siRNA modifications - (Sep/20/2012 )


I would like to perform a knockdown experiment and am about to order some siRNAs. I would really appreciate it if someone could share with me if and which modifications render the siRNA more stable. I have previously ordered siRNA from Qiagen without any modifications and at good storage conditions, these siRNAs were only effective for several weeks. Bottom line is, I would like to compromise between specificity/efficiency and stability/resistance to degredation.

Thank you for your suggestions/experiences


For general in vitro use, you don't need chemical modification of siRNA because it is quite stable over a few years if properly stored.

If you really want to introduce modification, 2'OMe or 2'F modification should be good. If the mod is on the passenger strand, it can also reduce offtarget effects.


Thank you for the advice. Much appreciated.