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How to not get condensation on lid of agar plates? - (Sep/18/2012 )

After I pour my LB agar into the plates, we always get condensation on the lid.
Does anyone have any advice for this not to happen?


while cooling and solidifying you can leave the lid a bit open under the clean bench
more or less like in this not good picture:


You can reduce this by putting an empty petri dish on top of the stack. Not a complete solution. Also, make sure you are pouring the plates after the agarose is cooled to 53C or so (not hotter).


We just keep the lid a bit open after pouring the agar! and we keep the plates open in the 37degC incubator for a while till everything dries!


I do as phage434 suggests, pouring the agar only once the bottle is cool enough to hold comfortably in an ungloved hand.

I then leave them overnight on the bench, and the next day any condensation is gone.

If I need one that has been in the fridge, I take it out several hours before I need to use it and leave it either on the bench or if it is a cooler day, then slightly open in a tissue culture hood, or 37C warm room (upside down if in the warm room).