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Cell plating - (Sep/18/2012 )

Hi all,

I got 6.75 number of cells which is average of 4 squares and my dilution factor is 1.
I would like to plate one plate with 12 wells and per well i need 3.5 x 10 to power of 4 cells/well.
Can u tell me how much of cells stocks wil be used /well.


You took the average of the 4 big (primary) squares? And the concentration of your stock is 6.75 x 105 or106 ....cells/ml? (for hemocytometer counting, here’s a good primer: http://www.microbehu...unting-chamber/)

If you got your count right, then you can just use this straightforward formula:


You already know your initial stock concentration (C1), your final conc C2 is 3.5 x 104/ml, V2 is 12 ml assuming that you would put 1 ml in each well so you can easily calculate how much of the stock you need to add to a final volume of 12 ml.


Thank you cassandra..:-)