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I'm working with Caco-2 cells, and have plated them in 6-well plates.

In one of the plates there is a visibily contaminated well (light colored media, turbidity, visibile bacteria), but the surrounding wells appear normal. The well has been visibily contaminated for ~3 days now with no obvious effect on other wells.

Besides removing the contaminated media, is there any way to remove the bacteria from that single well to reduce contamination to other wells?


Option 1: Remove contaminated media, wash with sterile water and replace with water containing high concentrations of antibiotics (e.g. rifampicin).

Option 2: Discard whole plate and restart with a fresh aliquot of media.

I recommend Option 2 since you simply don't want to risk it. It sounds like you have a local contamination, most likely due to handling when you're changing media.
I suggest you clean up the incubator your plate was cultured in and monitor other cultures in that same incubator. If you're sharing one, its probably good to notify the other users just in case they have important experiments going.

-science noob-