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English language - (Sep/14/2012 )

I am about to start applications for PhD programs in Europe. I have been going through many universities and one of the additional requirements is English language. I have been doing my masters from Uppsala university and all the course work that i went through are in English.

Although i have an IELTS exam score (7.5) which i gave in India before coming to Sweden to prove my English language efficiency. But it would expire in 2013.

So, do i still need to appear for a IELTS or TOEFL to prove my english language or can i be exempted from this?

-Mad Researcher-

If you are going to enroll PhD before 2013 (Expiry of your IELTS score) then there is no need otherwise you have appear for IELTS again.


But if i apply after that do i need to appear for a IELTS exam provided i have studied from a English speaking and teaching institute.

-Mad Researcher-

Yes you do :) Depends on the situation. But I have studied in international high school (English), international university (English), I am more fluent in English than my mother tongue...but there were people that simply do not care.

Hint: I have my Cambridge exams for English as a foreign language both Advanced and Proficiency and those are without any expiry date... on top they are widely accepted in Europe (any UK/European exam is better than any American exam in the eyes of Europeans:) )