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Problem dissolving lead acetate - (Sep/13/2012 )


I'm supposed to treat my cells with lead acetate which according to every website is water soluble... however, when I'm trying to dissolve it, it forms a milky, cloudy solution and does not want to dissolve! I used different concentrations, thinking that maybe it was due to saturation but it didn't help! I'm quite desperate so if anyone has any suggestion, please share :(!




Not having tried to dissolve PboAC so I can't really comment - but could there be something in the water that is causing the Pb to precipitate? Are you using MilliQ (deionized) water?


MilliQ? Or medium? Did you check the MSDS for chemical compatibility? Is the chemical new?

-El Crazy Xabi-

You used hopefully lead(II)acetate. As hydrate? This may influence solubility. Also heating the water may help.


according to the merck index (ninth edition), lead acetate is soluble 1gm in 1.6ml water, 0.5ml boiling water.

it "takes up" co2 from the air and becomes incompletely soluble.