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3UTR luciferase assays - Genecopoeia or Swithcgeargenomics? - (Sep/13/2012 )

Dear all
We are considereing buying precloned 3UTR-luciferase reporter plasmids to validate some interesting mRNA-miRNA interactions. Does anyone have experience with Genecopoeias
plasmid pEZX-MT01 (hLuc-hRLuc) and/or Swichgeargenomics Lightswitch Luciferase GoClone plasmids?
It seems the big difference is the dual reporter vs. single reporter. According to Swichgear a second reporter is rarely, if at all, needed due to efficient Lipofectamine or similar protocols and easily transfected cells and with appropiate controls variability is as little or smaller with the single reporter assays.
Any input on reason to choose one over the other would be highly appreciated, as would any input from people who have worked with one or the other on how good/bad they are?

Thanks in advance



i have used single reporter from abm, Signosis, never felt anything going wrong...I ordered the double FL (MT01) from Genecopoeia yesterday. Im looking forward to use them as my cells are a bit difficult to transfect, so would be good to have a control.