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cell synchronisation for fibroblasts (help choosing method/chemical) - (Sep/12/2012 )

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to synchronise my fibroblasts prior to infection with my virus, so that they are all equally susceptible to infection and replication of my virus.

I have no experience with synchronising cells and would love to hear your opinions on any methods you may have experience with. The stage of the cycle arrest is not particularly important to me.

Basically I just want something that is cost effective, efficient and will just work (story of my life... )

So far I'm about to look into mimosine, lovastatin and nocodazole. I'd prefer to use a chemical inhibitor rather than serum starvation, as I've been told that can be quite unreliable (but feel free to set me straight).

Hope you can help




Hydroxyurea= G1/S block, double thymidine block = G2/M

Also see attachment here


Thanks a bunch, bob1 :)