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Acrylamid - (Sep/11/2012 )

I bought a bottel of acrylamid on which is writen for syntehsis, is it possible to use it for electrophoresis?
or i should exchange it with acrylamid for electrophoresis?
please let me know


have you checked the purity? just compare the purity with the one for electrophoresis. check Sigma website for the purity of those used in electrophoresis.

I normally buy ready made Bis/acrylamid from Biorad. It's a long time I haven't prepared fresh acrylamid.


Thanks for your reply,
the purity is 99%, for electrophoresis is > 99%.


does it show color (eg yellow) when you dissolve it? if so then either don't use it or treat it with decolorizing carbon.

we used to use reagent grade acrylamide, decolorize and filter. our gels ran well.


it dose not sow color, and looks clear when i dissolve it. it seems working


The purity matters but the conductivity is more critical.
You should check the conductivity which should be lower than 2,5 uS/cm.