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Choice of programming language - (Sep/10/2012 )

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trying to use sublime edit 2 (IDE).


metionina on Tue Sep 11 13:19:02 2012 said:

What about ruby or python? Are not they more intuitive and therefore better for starting?
I want to start learning to code and I asked different people for advices. What do you think about ruby and python in general and in particular in the world of biology in comparison to perl?

You want to learn Python? you can find course for leaning it on coursera as Learn to program. you can search for bioinfor part after you learn it.


I would love to learn Perl and python but for now I really want to learn R and bioconductor.

I think R is becoming very popular among biologists because it is open-source, it has the power to handle large amount of complex data and it provides its user the ability to control and decide what he/she wants to do with the data.

In the coming years where the high-throughput technologies such as sequencing will be a routine work in the lab, I am sure that R/Bioconductor would be absolutely necessary,



Hi kart,
R is good language. I'm trying it from last few days. Don't know much about bioconductor though!

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