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[Question] how to tell FVB from ICR? - (Sep/04/2012 )

Hi everyone,
We got a problem in our lab now. A batch of FVB mice was put together with ICR mice, and they look the same in appearance.
Does anyone have any method to tell ICR from FVB mice?
Is Fv1b gene uniquely expressed in FVB but not ICR? Or is there any other marker gene or SNP? Or do the two strains behave differently?
This colony is important to us. Please help. Thank you in advance.


FVB is a mutant offshoot of ICR, so no, regular ICRs shouldn't be expressing Fv1b. As for how to tell two albino strains apart.... I don't know. Haha, guess you'll have to expose them to the virus and see who lives. ;)

here's some good info: