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geNorm alternative for qPCR housekeeping genes - (Sep/03/2012 )

I was using geNorm Excel macro for choosing the most stable housekeeping gene(s).
But as I installed new Office (2010) it not usable anymore, the main toolbar doesn't show up.

I looked at the geNorm site and they now have geNorm PLUS only as a part of qBASE. I definitelly can't buy it, and trial version is for 15 days only as I understood.

Is there a way to get free geNorm working in newer Excel or I have to look for an alternative?

I was looking at NormFinder, is it any good? Is it comparable with geNorm? Did anyone tried both?

Any comments appreciated. Thanks.


I found an updated version that should work on 64bit Office 2010.
I have some issues with that on Office 2007, not sure why,
Link contains zipped macro and the original manual. The macro now misses some of the initial info dialogues, but otherwise works fine, the geNorm buttons are found under the Addons ribbon. Unsigned macros has to be allowed in Excel.