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Refute the feasibility of this idea - (Sep/02/2012 )

Hello all,

I'm working on gathering pieces of biological concepts to build the concept of a software that will serve simulating the meiosis in humans. But i'm not sure of the feasibility and correctness of the base concept the software will be built on. And i'm not sure of the availability of the resources, i.e information such as Databases needed.

Would you, biologists, have a look at the following and technically refute it. And in the case of the unavailability of some database would you point that out.

The software is supposed to simulate the meiosis process as follows:
<*>The following steps are undergone by both the male and the female DNA sequences.

<*>Read the male/female DNA chromosomal profile.

<*>Read some human linkage map which describes the chromosomal distance between genes on the same chromosome.

<*>Duplicate the chromosomal sequences, ie, make one more copy of each chromosome.

<*>Apply crossing over on each homologous chromosomes. Crossing over will occur randomly and when occurs will transfer linked genes as one segment. Linked genes should be known based on the linkage map which been read earlier.

<*>Separate the chromosomes randomly in two cells.

<*>Separate the chromosomes randomly again producing four cells each with 23 single stranded chromosomes.

<*>At this point the resulted cells from the male are called sperm cells, and from the female are the egg cells.
<*>The conception of a randomly chosen sperm and oocyte then occurs and the DNA structure of a possible zygote is formed.

Replies are appreciated.


The base concept is the genetic algorithm


Thanks for giving me the right direction to dig