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PIPES pH 8.0 in lysis buffers - (Sep/01/2012 )

I wonder why some biologists use PIPES pH 8.0 in lysis buffers in Protocols?
whereas the buffering range of it is 6.1-7.5 pH.

You can find those protocols even in high rank universities.


buffers are routinely misused when the procedure works anyway (e.g. tris used for stacking gel buffers in sds-page).

however, sometimes buffers are blended to extend buffering range and/or to buffer a pH that would otherwise have to be reached with a incompatible buffer salt.

are there other buffer salts in your lysis media?


Cell Lysis buffer
5 mM PIPES pH 8.0
85 mM KCL
0.5% NP40
protease inhibitors

I have sent an Email to Dr. Farnham, and I did not received reply till now.

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