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Question about HeLa cell overconfluence - (Aug/31/2012 )

Hi, all

Would appreciate input on what is probably a really basic question. Our lab has been using HeLa cell-based lines. There have been a couple of times when I've unfortunately allowed them to become confluent. After I split them, they still seem to grow fine. However, I have one labmate who says that whenever that happens, I should throw them out and start with a fresh vial, while another labmate says that whatever confluence-induced changes occur will be washed out after a couple of passages. Which one of them is right?



Hela are not contact inhibited, they should be fine.


Thank you so much!


HeLa cells do not stop proliferating by contact as 3T3 cells do, as well other fibroblast-derived lines, but be careful because they could start to differentiate to something different that HeLa if you keep them too confluent for few days. Take really care about the morphology and if you see they do start to look more flat than normal discard them.