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HEK293T cells are too fragile?? - (Aug/30/2012 )

Can someone clarify the fragility of HEK293T in culture?

Almost all cells seem to detach when I change my media (and this was done slowly+carefully via walls of my culture plate well).
I also observed quicker trypsinisation of HEK cells from the flask surface compared to other cell types.

Can anyone provide me with a good way to change media for these cells?

-science noob-

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yes, HEK 293 cell line is weakly attached to the surface, and i am using culture dish instead of flask. while changing the medium, aspirate the medium very slow rate, for example i am aspirating the medium by using 200 microL yellow tips, and adding medium as slow rate as possible.

during the trypsinization, i just gave only 30 seconds for detachment...


Yes, 293 are poorly attached. If you wish for tighter attachment you can coat your plates with collagen.