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Better (quicker) way to pipet glycerol? - (Aug/29/2012 )

Does anyone have any creative ideas/ways of pipetting 100% glycerol for the purposes of creating bacterial stocks? Using a P1000 pipet with a large 1000ul tip takes forever when adding my 100ul glycerol to each cryovial and I can't think of a faster way. Any ideas?


You need to get a positive displacement pipette. Most labs will have a set of gilson microman's round somewhere, if not, they are inexpensive (it's the tips that cost a fortune).


Many people also dilute the glycerol to 50%, which is much easier to pipette, just add twice as much.


Thank you for the responses! I had never heard of the positive displacement pipettes before and think that is the route I'll go so I won't dilute my cultures more than I have to (unless I can't get my boss to buy the pipette then I'll be diluting....)