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Biology - Assignment - (Aug/29/2012 )

Haii name is Richard and now i'm join with biotechnology faculty. and i'm new here..
hopefully i can know all of you better..
By the way. i have a question, why CO2(Carbondioxide) results burning fossil fuel contribute to global warming and acidifying at sea?

Thx for answerr

-Richard Marcelly-

Carbon dioxide dissolved in water gives carbonic acid, though only a very weak acid and to a very low proportion, it's the quantity that counts.

And global warming, it's in short the greenhouse effect, as carbon dioxide reflects to some degree (similar to glass) the long-waved radiation (infra-red) back to Earth when it should leave the atmosphere (i.e. reflected back to space). Actually a necessary effect to have it warm enough here, but the additional carbon dioxide from fossil fuels (and other greenhouse gases from other sources) leads to an imbalance, heating up the Earth.