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Error rate of commecial reverse transcriptase - (Aug/28/2012 )

hello everyone, I have been using superscript III from Invitrogen for a long time but I never know the error rate of this enzyme. I learned from wikipedia that promega's enzymes have error rates in the range of 1 in 17,000 bases for AMV and 1 in 30,000 bases for M-MLV. Since superscript III is from MMLV, the error rate should also be 1/30000? Reverse transcriptases have higher error rates than DNA polymerases. I wonder whether this will affect our RT-PCR results? Thank you.


I don't think it would. There are many copies of the original template and errors are not multiplied like in PCR. A mutation in 3' end of your primer binding site can abolish binding of this particular molecule, but there is so much RNA there, that the chance is very low. Unless you want to clone the RT-PCR product I wouldn't worry about that at all.