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Nabla Cognition - educational website - (Aug/26/2012 )

Good afternoon,

I am teacher on a high school in the Czech Republic. I teach biology and physics.
I have developed a website with recognition quizzes (plants, animals, ...), free nature photos and educational lessons. Content is still rising.
Website is non-profit. It may sounds like a cliche, but I want to help people.
My big wish is propagate this website, but I am not good enough in Internet marketing, so there are not a lot of visitors.

I would like to aks you, if you have some advice.
And I hope, that it is not a spam.


Have a nice day.

With greetings
Petr Stohwasser


nice website:) nice graphics, pleasant for the eye. I especially love the animal quizzes (even though I missed ...a few answers)

Good luck with it!



I was thinking today about how you can make your website known. Some years ago when I was working in a small biotech company I used wikipedia to make people visit our website: check on the bottom for external links and you see quite a few companies.

You can do the same with your webpage: link all the pages of wikipedia related to knowledge of your lessons i.e. first Newton's law to the first Newton's law in wikipedia.

We had quite a few clicks from wikipedia onto our webpage. We checked the traffic using google analytics and we could see who comes from wikipedia.

Hope this helps,



Thank You very much. I will try it.