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Cell Suspension - (Aug/23/2012 )

Calculate the amount of cell suspension and media need to seed a 6w plate with 2.5 X 10^5 cells per well with 2 ml total media. You start with a cell concentration of 1.5 X 10^6 cells/ml.

I used C1V1=C2V2

(1.5 X 10^6) V1 = (2.5 X 10^5) (2ml)

V1 = 5.0 X 10^5 / 1.5 X 10^6

V1 = 0.3333 ml ------> cell suspension

2 ml - 0.3333 = 1.667 ml -------> media

Basically I don't feel like this is right :/



You are using the right formula but your C2 is not 2.5x10^5 (thats the amount of cells per well). Your C2 is the number of cells per well divided by the volume of media in your well (2ml). This is, your C2 is 1.25X10^5 cells/ml.

What I usually do is to calculate the total volume used for seed. This is, if you want 2ml X6 wells, you need 12ml, so let´s calculate if we had 7 wells, this is 14ml. Now your equation stays like this:

(1.5 X 10^6) V1 = (1.25 X 10^5) (14ml)

V1= 1.16 ml

14 ml -1.16= 12.833 (volume of media to dilute)



Thanks! I just was unsure because it said total media and I was thinking that meant for all 6 wells but I see how yours makes sense 😊