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Gibberellin acid treatment for seed germination - (Aug/22/2012 )

Has anybody tried to enhance the germination of Prunus seeds with gibberellic acid (GA3)?

I am trying to germinate cherry seeds after cold stratification and endocarp removal, but my germination rates are always extremely low. I need to have as many seedlings as possible (30 should be enough) in as little time as possible.

There are some papers describing GA treatment, but I would like to have a personal opinion, since the conditions seem to differ between one paper and another.

Thank you very much!!

PS: If you have used this treatment for any other species, please tell me! ;-)


hi OA,

i haven't tried ga3 application to increase germination, but i'm aware it works, or so it is reported in most papers. What about leaving your seeds in cold stratification for longer? that should eliminate the aba that keeps the embryo dormant.

i'd say the best way to figure it out is by doing it :)