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storage of foetal calf serum - (Aug/15/2012 )

Hi everyone,

I heard somewhere that you can store foetal calf serum at 4 degrees celsius for about a week, is this true? Or should it always be frozen right up until use? I am just wondering so I can figure out how small my aliquots need to be.

Thanks :-)


Keep your aliquots in 15 ml falcon tubes at -20C for long storage, but if you want to use them in cell culture just take one out and keep in 4C (parafilm it) until you finish it, then take a new one from -20C.


I freeze my aliquots into single use sizes.

In my opinion, a week at 4C is no problem. I've actually had NCS and FBS at 4C for up to two weeks or so. But unopened, I only open them once, don't want to risk contamination.


Thanks heaps guys