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Grevillea Acanthifolia Tissue Culture Help - (Aug/13/2012 )

I'm doing a Tissue Culture course and for our main assignment we have to select a plant to culture. I've selected Grevillea gaudi chaudi (G. acanthifolia X G. laurifolia).

I was hoping someone may have some info on stage I,II and III media break down and also appropriate explants to use. I have found some info online but a lot of it is contradictory and its important i choose the right protocol as it may be the difference between pass and fail.



oh tissue culture! that was fun back in university! have you chosen which explants you'll use? in principle, you could use any explant because of cell totipotency, however, it's more tricky than just that... :D

i think there are some pretty much standarised solutions to use (e.g. MS media).
good luck.