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Any free software for assembly of genomes - (Aug/09/2012 )


I would be grateful if anyone can suggest good softwares that are free for genome assembly. Thanks.


Software? I do it manually, never knew there are softwares to do that. unless you mean DNA assembly for sequencing results? We use Mega5. It's so user friendly.


Hi everyone. I wonder the same. I have used Geneious software but I cant buy the license. Then I would like to ask if you know any software friendly for assembly little sequences (only less 1000 pb). So if it isnt friendly, don't mind.

Have anybody used EMBOOS software?



I reply myself... I have found this... NO FREE

Desktop Sequence Analysis: software review

June 21, 2011 by Alastair Kerr in Software Comparisons, Comments (1)


You're welcome.