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How many generation of HEK293 cell can undergo? - (Aug/07/2012 )

Hello to all.
I am working with a HEK293 which is transfected with NLG1. I would like to know how many time I can passage it to a point that the HEK cell may appear problem in expressing the NLG1 or mutation may occur.


It depends on the generation time, and what you are doing to them as to how likely they are to get mutations. In theory, they won't get a mutation but in practice this isn;t true.

However, mutations aside, it is poor cell culture practice to continuously culture cells for extended periods of time as the cell integrity and behaviour changes with increased passage - meaning that they are no longer the cells you thought they were. As a general rule 10-15 passages and you should get up a fresh vial. If you freeze a couple of vials of cells down at early passages, then you can have an almost limitless supply of cells which will be very very similar to the parent line.