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Can ELISA standards be used as antigens? - (Aug/06/2012 )

Hi There,

As a first part of making a mouse monoclonal antibody against a murine cytokine by hybridoma cells, I was wondering:

Can an ELISA standard like mouse IFN-gamma (found in a commercial ELISA kit), mixed with an adjuvant (e.g. TiterMax) be injected to mice in order to induce the B-lymphocytes to generate anti-IFN-gamma antibody?

Does this sound theoretically as a plausible approach?

With many thanks,


Sure its plausible. Since monoclonals bind to the standards clearly the standards are antigenic. Since it is an endogenous protein and relatively small it might be beneficial to conjugate it to something like KLH to stimulate a strong response.

Good luck

-Astarte Biologics-

Many thanks for your response Astarte Biologics.


I agree that it can be done. However, in my opinion, this will not be acceptable for good journals.
Simply buy the recombinant protein iteself.