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mamallian expression vector that has FLAG tag and GFP - (Aug/01/2012 )


Just wondering whether anyone aware of an expression vector that has C-terminal FLAG-tag and GFP at the same time? I have been googling with no luck. Thanks


I'm not aware of any, but you should be able to add a flag tag by PCR if necessary. I don't really see the reason to have two tags on the same end of the protein though...


thanks for the response. the reason is that my protein is n-terminally activated, so I need a tag on C-term for purification, whereas GFP is for tracking purposes.

Can you recommend a good GFP expression vector?


phMGFP from promega, and pEGFPN2 from clontech. They must have newer version too.

keep in mind that having two tags will increase the size of your plasmid.