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Problems with PAGE gels - (Aug/01/2012 )

I need to make a 40% acrylamide stock (100g acrylamide/bisacryl (19:1) in 175ml distilled water)

however, we do not have any acrylamide/bisacryl (19:1) in powered form, but we have plenty of biorad 30% acrylamide/bisacryl (29:1) solution is there any way of me being able to make the solution i need using this? if so, how would i go about doing that?

i was thinking i could either purchase some acrylamide/bisacryl (19:1) in powered form or 40% acrylamide/bisacryl (19:1) liquid form

any advice would be appreciated!!!


You can never make a more concentrated solution from a less concentrated one without evaporating some of the fluid. You will either have to buy in a stock (I really really recommend pre-made acrylamide stocks, so much less hassle), or buy in the powders.