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About trypsinizing adherent cells in 96-well plates - (Jul/31/2012 )


I want to trypsinize adherent cells growing in a 96-well plate. I have generally seen people trypsinize cells in bigger flasks so I was wondering if this is a normal thing to do? Should I be following the same procedure as with bigger flasks except lower the volume of trypsin? I really appereciate your time in helping me. :)



yes you can, just scale down. take a look at this website, it might help:


But we usually use less than what this page suggests. We add 500 ul - 1 ml of trypsin to T75 flasks. this amount could be different in other labs. for T25 we add 300 ul to 500 ul.


I agree, yes you can. I would probably use 100ul of trypsin per well.

What do you plan to do with the cells after you've lifted them?