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Can I use custom made synthetic miRNA for Overexpression? - (Jul/30/2012 )

Hi all,

I am new in this field. I like know whether I can use custom made miRNA instead of Pre-miRNA? I assume it would work as siRNA.
If it works then what would be the ordering option i.e. duplex like siRNAs or just single stranded RNA. I appreciate your inputs.

Thanks!!!! in advance....



Yes, you can design your own miRNA mimics and use it to overexpress the miRNA. You can order as duplex RNA, but the duplex may not be perfect complementary as siRNA. Commercially available miRNA mimics are duplex RNA with the * strand heavily chemically modified to suppress its off-target activity. The socalled miRNA precursor sold by Ambion is a misnomer, it is not pre-miRNA, but short duplex.