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plasmid tetR and tet promoter - (Jul/26/2012 )

Dear people,

i'm kind of desperate ...i'm looking for a plasmid that has the tetracycline repressor (tetR) and a tet promoter (or pLtet-O) on its backbone. I'm looking for plasmids that do contain the tetR with a own promoter (not transcriptionally fused to bla or something else).

Maybe someone of you has any suggestions? ...i do not necessarily need a physical plasmid ...i'm only looking for a valid expression unit of the tetR with a promoter (since i'm planning to do a synthetic construct) ...that has been reported to functional.

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards,



Maybe this article might help.


You might want to look over the experience of IGEM students using tetR. Go to the partsregistry page here:
and find the "search parts" link on the right, under "Registry Tools". Enter "tetR" and find all of the tetR promoters and cassettes listed. Most of these will be associated with teams.
You can find the team wikis on the page, and track their success or failure. You may find parts you'd like already assembled.
If so, you can sign up as a registry lab, and get a (free!) part distribution.