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How to measure expression the mRNA (quantitative) - (Jul/25/2012 )

do any one know how to measure expression the mRNA (quantitative) from who blood with out using agros gel electrphorosis ?

bcz i want to use whole blood to measure the level expression of mRNA ? AND Read the protocal of RT PCR BUT I i do not get .
and i know i need to use housekeeping gene as internal control but i do not know if i have to ues taqman or SYBR Green?


It sounds like you will need help from someone with some experience. Try to find someone in a neighboring lab who understands the basics. SYBR green is a very good option. With this, you can purify PCR products and use these to generate a standard curve that you can use to determine the absolute quantity of each mRNA in each sample. This thread may be helpful: