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Monoclonal Antibody against Antioxidant - (Jul/19/2012 )


I want to make a monoclonal antibody against an antioxidant. Ethoxyquin to be specific. I cannot find any information on if anybody has tried to do it before. So it would be months of trail and error trying to find a immunizations schedule that produces good titers in mice that compete around 10ppb with a 60% drop.

Does anyone have any suggestions about preparing the antigen and an immunization schedule and concentration? Please send any additional info that you think I may find useful. Anything would help.



Well this is absolute not my topic, but isn't such a molecule much to small to be immunogenic? More than 1000 Daltons are necessary if I remember right and the smaller the molecule the poorer the quality as antigen...


Yup, in general, smaller molecules make poor immunogens but they can be conjugated to carrier proteins eg BSA , KLH for eliciting better immune response.... the use of adjuvants also helps (eg complete Freund's for the first injection and then incomplete Freund's for subsequent ones etc). What you may have to do is to find out immunisation protocols of related compounds and see if you can apply them to yours...if it's quinoline based, the first thing that comes to mind is quinine and I'm pretty sure that people are able to raise antibodies against it....but I think that it is a lot bigger alkaloid.....