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Native blue page - (Jul/17/2012 )

I have a question, I dont see the NativeMarker bend on a Native gel after running a blue native page.

I need to run Native blue page I am using precasted Native gel,
My anode buffer is 50mM Bis tris pH6.8
My cathod buffer is 50mM Bis tirs 50mM Tricine pH6.8 with 0.02% G-250 comassy blue (and after running half the gel I am replasing it with the same buffer but with 0.002%G-250)
Outside I put white Anode buffer in the middle dark blue.... after 20minutes chenging middle buffer no a light blue....
I run it at 150V my currecnt is 32mA
HOWEVER my Native marker (also form invitrogen comersiclly obtained) doesnt run . I mean I do not see bend on a gel after running my marker
Do you know any reason why it might be the case?


this may help:
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