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Phd after 5 years of stopping research - (Jul/05/2012 )

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desertrose on Fri Jul 6 12:41:05 2012 said:

The most important issue now is to choose a nice supervisor as I suffered with my master supervisor

hey desertrose....but if you say that you already have a potential supervisor, then the funding for your PhD studies shouldn't be your problem unless your actual acceptance depends on your getting a scholarship. And I also thought that you just finished your masters recently so you shouldn't be so worried about starting off in a new lab.

You shld already know some basic techniques in the lab, how to follow protocols, do literature search etc and as leelee already pointed out- you've to read a lot, observe experienced people in the lab, discuss with them and your PI, attend seminars- all part of the long journey of a grad student. But perhaps one of the most impt things is to stay motivated. You had an unfortunate experience during your masters but don't let that discourage you or be your reference point. A PhD will be a tougher ride and there will be a lot of obstacles, some potholes (even a giant sinkhole :P) but if you stay focused, persevere, believe in yourself and you know your ultimate goals, then hopefully it would be worth it. Goodluck.

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