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annotate mRNA and gDNA seq, Identify 5' and 3' untraslated regions, Iden - (Jul/05/2012 )

Hi, i was given to do these but i never did this before can anyone help how to do these step by step...

You have been provided with the Mouse Villin protein, mRNA and genomic DNA sequences.

The target promoter sequence is 3.5kb upstream of transcription start site
<*>Annotate the mRNA and gDNA sequences to show the start and stop codons (put these in red BOLD text)

<*>Identify the 5’ and 3’ untranslated regions (UTRs) – highlight these in pink

<*>Identify the transcription start site

<*>Highlight the 3.5kb region upstream of the transcription start site in yellow

<*>Identify the binding sites of the Villin F1, R1, F2 and R2 primers (underline these)

can look in the pdf i attached...
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Did your teacher forget to teach you this before asking you to do it?

Here's a hint:

CDS = coding sequence


its in the PDF including translation

what u mean to say..?