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Recommended tamplate DNA concentration for qPCR - (Jul/04/2012 )

Hi, somebody help me solve this problem. I have extracted DNA from rumen microbe from diffrent treatment including control. My sample DNA concentration are ranged between 80-100 ng/ul. What is the DNA concentration sould I use when going to run real time PCR? Is it the extracted DNA concentration (ng/ul) from all the traetment must be same (standardize) when i going to run real time PCR? Thank you


around 50-100 ng must be enough. do not exceed 1 ug at all. you must standardize to the sample that has the lowest concentration. For example if your lowest concentration is 80 ng/ul, you need to dilute the other samples to 80 ng/ul.


Thank you for the reply. Is it the standardize of DNA conentartion to the lowest value is applicable for the the quatification of specific one predominant
rumen bacteria in the sample? Thank you.