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Calcium Phosphate transfection - storage? - (Jul/03/2012 )


I just did something stupid and realized that went wrong with my cells AFTER I completely finished pipetting my calcium phosphate transfection mixes.
I don't want to throw it away :( !!!

Now I am wondering if it is possible to store my HeBS/CaCl2/DNA Mixes o/N @ 4°C and do the transfection tommorow.

Has anyone tried this?

So much DNA would be gone :(

Thanks in advance,

stupid me!



I think you should probably just make fresh tomorrow. Ca phosphate transductions are quite prone to temperature and pH changes that can really affect transfection efficiency, along with the precipitate fine-ness. Its not too much effort to make up the buffers fresh again (if you have the stocks of course) and its not expensive either.

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