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N acetyl cysteine solution for cell culture - (Jul/02/2012 )

Hi! I need to dissolve N acetyl cysteine into cell culture media. I need it at 25 mM which is 40mg/mL.

How do I do this with minimal interference in ionic strength?

Or can i buy a stock solution of it, that is already at physiological pH?



Is it really difficult to dissolve?


If you got yours from Sigma it is soluble at 100 mg/ml in H2O (heating). I've used it some times and the medium pH drops a bit.


NAC is really easy to dissolve. You are using it at a fairly high concentration so you could dissolve it in your growth media. Did you mean to write mM and not uM for your working concentration? When I have used this in the past I found that mM concentrations kill cells.