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DNA extraction from Potato Chips - (Jun/29/2012 )

Please help me to develop protocol for DNA extration from Potato chips.
Thanks a lot.


I'd start with a chloroform wash to remove as much of the lipid as possible. Perhaps you could do that twice, along with crushing the chips.

I'd then follow a standard CTAB extraction.


Thanks a lot. That's what I am thinking to start.
Best wishes.


did you try out already any protocol? If not I'd just start first with a protocol established in your lab...
My first idea would be to remove as much as oil as possible before e.g. by crushing them to smaller pieces and then putting it on absorptive paper (e.g. kitchen towel)....


@Hobglobin: Never did it before. Was thinking to try it with our usual CTAB protocol may do some modifiactions as needed & from the help of all of you guys.
Thanks a lot.
Best Wishes.


good luck and using chloroform is surely a more thoroughly method....


Are these chips as in fish and chips or chips as in wafers of potato (crisps if you are british)?

If they are the latter, you will probably struggle with DNA extraction as I would expect the DNA to be quite damaged from the heating during cooking.