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HiTrap Heparin HP for purification of DNA binding proteins. - (Jun/27/2012 )

I have bought "HiTrap Heparin HP" for purification of DNA binding proteins.


This the first time that I am going to do such a purification and I do not have any knowledge and experiences,
Do you have a protocol for using this colums for purification of DNA binding proteins?

As I am going to use these purified proteins for next steps such as DNA-Affinity Chromatography,
what should I use as Elution buffer?

My concern is NaCl in Elution buffer of "HiTrap Heparin HP" for dissociating the proteins from Heparin, because it interferes with DNA-Affinity Chromatography. I use NaCl in my elution buffer of DNA-Affinity Chromatography to dissociate proteins from bounded Oligos on the beads.



check the response to your post at the biotechniques forum.