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culturing MDA-MB-134 - (Jun/20/2012 )

Hello, I've been having trouble with my MDA MB 134 cells. I know that ATCC recommends them to be cultured in L15+20% FCS, but our lab does not have a non-CO2 incubator...I read somewhere (can't find the reference paper now!! which is very annoying) that I could culture them in DMEM/F12 (1:1) with 10% FBS, but they haven't really been growing from when I brought them up from the vial I received from ATCC...

Any help??


If the problem is not having a non-CO2 incubator, can you just close the cap all the way so it is air-tight? This won't work if you have the perforated caps, but if you have the caps that you unscrew a quarter turn in the incubator, it seems like this should work fine.