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Discard acrylamide solution - (Jun/20/2012 )

HI All,

We have expired acryamide solution 30%. its said to discard acrylamide, polymerise to form gel and discard. can anyone specify the minimum amount of reagents bisacrylamide, APS, TEMED, to add to polymerise this solution so that it will be safe to discard.

thanking in anticipation.



You need to know the volume of acrylamide for that...


The volume will be approximately 600 ml of acrylamide solution (29:1) i.e 29 g acrylamide with 1 gm bisacrylamide for 100 ml volume



if you use the same ratios as when pouring a gel then you'll want to add ~200ul temed and 1.5ml 10% ammonium persulfate.