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optical qPCR plates - (Jun/19/2012 )

I am new in qPCR and have recently got this kit that requires instrument specific optical qPCR plates. The instrument we have in the lab is the MJ research Opticon 2 machine. As far as I am aware it only takes 96 well plates. Checked online on various websites: fisher, sigma. However they all have qPCR plates that range from different colours to different types like skirted or unskirted. Can anyone advice me as to which kind of plate in terms of colour and skirting I need for the qPCR?

Hope to hear from anyone soon.


Manufacturers should specify the recommended plate type for each cycler. Like here from AB gene (check Compatibility table).
Color usualy depends on the material. White/opaque materials are said to have better optical characteristics but it's difficult to see what you pipett to it in contrast with transparent plates. The color of opaque plates itself play no role, it's just a brand thing IMHO.