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Vitality test for retinal slices - (Jun/19/2012 )

Hi all,
I was just scouring the internet for information about a vitality test, stumbled across this forum and was wondering if you would be able to help:
In our research group we work with the murine retina and at the moment I want to establish a new assasy.
Therefore I cut retinal slices (200µm) with a vibratom and now want to check the vitality of the cells in the slices.
Has anyone an idea what reagent I could use? Is trypan blue a solution or is it only for dissociated cells or cell culture?
Thank you and looking forward to your answers,


Trypan blue could work, you could possibly also use neutral red which only stains viable cells.


Thanks bob,we have trypan blue here in our lab, I think I´ll just try it today and when it doesn´t work, will look for something else!